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2010 Yi Hu
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Yi Hu is Raman Hui’s playful conceptualisation of the binaries of a tiger. Yi Hu is modeled seated, yet it is on the verge to prance. Raman uses the fur pattern on tigers to convey motion while its being in anticipation pose, with one paw lifted, conveys the potent energy waiting to be released. Raman employs the idea of positive and negative space to shape Yi Hu’s form and mass. Yi Hu is a successful collaboration with the world-class pewter brand Royal Selangor, which has over 120 years of history.

Artist: Raman Hui
Title: Yi Hu
Material: Pewter
Weight: Approximately 13kg
Dimension: 400mm (L) X 200mm (W) X 450mm (H)
Limited Edition: 12 Pieces
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