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2010 Yi Hu
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Raman Hui
This was a really fun process for me. Tigers are very beautiful animals. The patterns on their fur, the shapes of their heads and bodies are all so unique and special that gave me a lot of inspirations to try something new. I was trying for something different so I ranged my designs from abstract to realist forms. And among those designs I picked something in between and developed from there. I concentrated on outlining the form and shape and the uniqueness of the design of Yi Hu. I also pondered upon how to convey the prowess and might of tigers through an inanimate posture. To me, Yi Hu is a tiger who keeps its eyes out for the safety and peace of its herd. It is a great leader who is always ready for any challenges. It is powerful, experienced, brave and full of energy.


Raman Hui has dedicated over twenty years of his life to the art of animation. Since 1989, Hui has been a major force at PDI/DreamWorks. He has served as Supervising Animator on the Academy Award winning blockbuster Shrek, the Universal Studios theme park attraction Shrek 4D, and Shrek 2. In 2007, Hui was conferred the ShoWest Best Animation Director Awards; in 2008, Hui was conferred the World Outstanding Chinese Designer Award 2008; and in 2009, Hui was conferred the Bronze Bauhinia Star from the Hong Kong SAR Government.


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