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2017 He Luan
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Mok Yat-san & Man Fung-yi

"Comprised of “He” - the female fowl and “Luan” - the male, our piece is created after the ideals of “The One is Two” and “The Two is One”. According to ancient Chinese literature, “He Luan” is “the spirit of the Red God, the accomplice to the Phoenix, with the red body of a fowl, it has colours of five hues and sings songs with five tones”.

The calls of “Luan He”, where the male sings first, followed promptly by the female's response are an analogy of “Luan Chau”  - meaning “Great Companions”, from there we can derive the concepts of “Coherence” and “Double Happiness” – happiness that comes in pairs, such as “Unconditional Love” and “Givingness”."

MAN Fung-yi and Mok Yat-San graduated in the Department of Fine Arts at The Chinese University of Hong Kong. In 1995, they established Artists' House together. Both have participated in numerous exhibitions and awarded locally and globally.
MAN Fung-yi participated in "Neo Mōrōism" (Tokyo Gallery, Beijing, 2014&2015), "Art Basel in Hong Kong" (Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, Hong Kong, 2013-2015), "30 years Chinese 'Abstract' Art" (Art Museums of Barcelona, Palma and Madrid, Spain, 2008) and "The Wall: Reshaping Contemporary Chinese Art Exhibition" (the University at Buffalo Art Galleries & the China Millennium Monument, U.S.A. and China, 2005). She was also awarded the Hong Kong Women of Excellence in the Six Arts Award (2013), the Critic Award of "Century-Women Art Exhibition" in Beijing, China (1998) and the Freeman Foundation Fellowship for Asian Artists in U.S.A. (1997). 
For Mok Yat-San, he participated exhibitions such as "Art Basel in Hong Kong" (Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, 2014&15), "BRIC Exhibition" (London, U.K., 2010) and "Yi Pai—Century Mentality Exhibition" (Beijing Today Art Museum, 2009). Mok Yat-San received awards include the Selected Award in the Open Competition for Hong Kong Public Art Project—Tamar (2012); the Selected Award for the Competition on Design of Decorative Works of Art for the Hong Kong Central Library, organised by the Leisure & Cultural Services Department (2000).
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