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2017 He Luan
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Inspired by the sound and non-sound-related artistic conceptions of excerpts from The Book of Odes and Hymns – “The noblemen are coming, the sounds of their Luan bells* are ringing" and Shan Hai Jing –  "Sightings of the Luen promises peace on Earth" respectively, the work of art wander between Yin and Yang, flow and rigidity, inside and outside, hollowness and solidity.

The heart-shaped large sculptures are made of the artist's unique stainless steel lattice welding technique which combined with the unmistakable eyelet drilling style, fills the piece with an abundance of radiance while scattering enchanting shadows.

*In this context, Luan refers to bells tied to horse-drawn carriages. 


Artist: Mok Yat-san & Man Fung-yi
Title: He Luan
Material: Grade 316 stainless steel
Weight: 3kg
Dimension: 420mm x 230mm x 315mm
Limited Edition: 12
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