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2015 Yang Xiang
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Reserved and calm, Yang Xiang retreats into its own being, its own simple and idiosyncratic world. Its presence, suggestive if not reticent; its assurance, never beyond a hint of individuality but all the more significant, its pride and elegance radiates.

With the hope of delineating these spirit and innate characters, the sculpture is an outline of a goat's essential features, reinterpreted, extracted and articulated in a succinct diagram.  Restrained geometry liberated by spontaneous strokes, orthogonal composition only soon shifted into adventure of displacement... bringing into live these complementary virtues, that many of us wish to process and to be inspired by what this animal symbolizes.

The sculpture is of oxidized bronze and will take on the colour and feeling of time gradually. Eight circular points in polished gold toned brass to remind its eighth position in the Chinese zodiac.

Artist: Chi Wing Lo
Title: Yang Xiang
Material: Oxidized dark bronze articulated with polished golden brass
Weight: 11.2kg
Dimension: 740mm (L) x 590mm (H) x 80mm (T)
Limited Edition: 12 Pieces
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