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Project Twelve x Hong Kong Wing Wah - Xiang Hou Moon Cake Gift Set

Project Twelve and Hong Kong Yuen Long Wing Wah are proud to present our unique "Xiang Hou" mooncake gist set. Price HK$368, Promotional Price HK$236. The packaging of "Xiang Hou" mooncake gist set chose the famous contemporary calligrapher Tong Yang Zi monkey word calligraphy.  Well-designed double layer gist set is inspired by the world's leading car designers Anthony Lo - artist of Project Twelve monkey sculpture 'Xiang Hou'.  In the top layer,  there are four Chinese seal carving Monkey theme of White Lotus Seed Paste Moon Cake (85 g), the lower is the monkey theme of  White Lotus Seed Paste moon cake with 2 yolks (250 g).


If you have any enquiries or interested,

please contact Angela Cheng (angela@klandk.com;3902 3226) 


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