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2016 Xiang Hou
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Anthony Lo

“ For me, monkeys are cheeky, fun-loving and full of life. Bouncing up and down, swinging in trees to grab bananas, they are restless and lively. I attended to capture a moment of their dynamic beyond the conventionally depicted postures of monkeys. To illustrate their unruliness, I picked up their snatches of agile movement into a flash of energy ; in high-speed and incredibly lightweight where they fly in search of adventure. And finally, these features/conceptions evolve into a lithe and efficient form of the legend of the Flying Clever Monkey.”

Dedicated over thirty years in automotive design, Anthony Lo is currently the Vice President Exterior Design at Renault. He leads exterior and concept car design activities at Renault. As one of the leading automotive designer, he has led various projects for Audi, Mercedes-Benz and Saab. His passion for automotive design is also reflected by numerous accolades - 2006 United States’ AutoWeek Best in Show; 2007 United Kingdom’s Car Design News Concept Car of the Year; 2008 United States’ AutoWeek Best Concept; 2012 Hong Kong World’s Outstanding Chinese Designer Award.

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