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2014 eHorse
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With the passion towards the zodiac theme, I have been collecting different crafts of zodiac animals, especially horse, for the past 30 years.  The beauty and creativity of the craftsmen, the aesthetic illustration of various artists have been rendered in different collection.  Responding in different time and space, the horse has been elaborated into various glamorous gestures and spirits with different cultural essence. I have been nurtured in the era of East meets West, the clash of ancient and contemporary art and cultivated an ever changing mindset to pursue innovation and creativity.  This inspired me the subject of the Horse sculpture – eHorse, with the meaning of “yi” (same pronunciation as “e” means changes) of i-ching and “e” of this computer era.

Artist: Kan Tai Keung
Title: eHorse
Material: Bronze (with electroplating)
Weight: 25kg
Dimension: 510mm(L) x 168mm(W) x 485mm(H)
Limited Edition: 12 Pieces
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