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Dennis Chan

The vision of Mr. Dennis Chan toward Qeelin: To bring the best of contemporary Chinese design to the world.

Mr. Dennis Chan received his design education from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. His scholarship brought him to London, where he started his career as a designer in a local consultancy. He then came back to Hong Kong to join the design consultancy headed by the renowned “Godfather” of product design, Mr. Ken Shimasaki. In 1989, Mr. Chan set up his own company, Long ford, providing professional design consultancy services to international brands and institutions.

Mr. Chan has been invited to work on many international projects. These include designing an elegant wristwatch as the Hong Kong Government Official Souvenir for VIPs at the Hong Kong Handover Ceremony in 1997 or the 33-metre high Millennium Clock Tower, celebrating the new century in 2000. He is a winner of numerous local and international design awards including The Chartered Society of Designers, Japan G Mark, Singapore Design Awards and Maison & Object of Paris.

Over the years, Mr. Chan has been continuously challenging himself on multi-discipline designs. He believes that design has no boundaries, and his move to fine jewellery design is the natural extension of his lifetime passion for exquisite timepieces and fine jewelleries. His designs are original, unique and outstandingly modern. With his unique artistic sensibility, Mr. Chan brings a contemporary viewpoint to Chinese arts, creating jewellery designs that are meant to become icons of modern Chinese arts.

Mr. Chan's fine jewellery designs for Qeelin first made headlines when the charismatic Ms. Maggie Cheung wore the Wulu collection while receiving Gold Palm Award for the “Best Actress” at 2004 Cannes Film Festival.

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