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2012 Long Xing
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Long Xing incorporates the audacious essence of the running script (Xing Shu) in Chinese calligraphy; the sculpture precipitates elegant simplicity with dignified vigor of style. Strong brushstrokes outline the gallant features of Long Xing, delineating its body from head to tail agilely. The sculpture captures the infinitesimal flux of movement, solidifying the energy into a tangible piece of cursive calligraphy. 

The defined edges juxtaposed with taut surfaces express an innate commanding presence. Precise craftsmanship and the refined woodgrain accentuates the depth of the dynamic form. Long Xing springs a potent energy to be released to soar; a new visual experience is generated from every viewing angle. The sculpture comes alive with a touch of gold elements manifesting its imperial grandeur; it is the perfect embodiment of the mythical creature from the skies.

Artist: Chelsia Lau
Title: Long Xing
Material: Lati Wood (Amphimas Pterocarpoides), Gold Foil
Weight: 3.8 kg
Dimension: 965mm(L) x 316mm(W) x 535mm(H)
Limited Edition: 12 pieces
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