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Cynthia Sah

I would like my sculptures to be part of everyday life which you can travel with. Sometimes all you need is a touch of something to brighten up a day for a friend, something you can pull out from your pocket and get a smile.

Since the computer age, we don't touch different material, we don't give caress to objects, we don't really look... I hope these forms can get a warm, inviting reaction and people will bring them home.


Cynthia Sah was born in Hong Kong in 1952, she grew up in Japan and Taiwan.  After receiving her master’s degree in the U.S., she has chosen to work in Italy where she lives since 1979.  Her sculptures reflect the Chinese philosophy of essential equilibrium, often translated into marble or bronze, which takes shape with lightness and fluidity in space.  Her artworks are in private and public collections such as Taipei Fine Art Museum, Farum International Sculpture Park in Denmark and Azuchi-cho Cultural Center in Japan.  


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