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2009 yeeox
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Cheung Yee

To me, buffaloes represent Chinese cultural tradition. From head to toe, every part of a buffalo is useful. As an agricultural country with a long history, China is ploughed and grazed by these hardworking creatures. Urban dwellers are losing touch with nature. However, if we come across a buffalo, or even just a pile of ox manure, we know that these animals are quietly living their lives alongside ours. It would remind us of all kinds of forgotten things. These fragmented bits and pieces in our heads are sentimental symbols connecting us with things that are slowly vanishing in the today’s society…

I like to make a record whenever I get inspirations. I normally capture my ideas with paper folding – chatting while I fold. And yeeox was created in this fashion – crumpled and folded…


CHEUNG YEE was born in 1936‭ ‬in Guangzhou‭, ‬China‭. ‬He graduated from the Department of Fine Arts of the National Taiwan Normal University in 1958‭. ‬Cheung Yee was a professor of the Fine Arts Department at the Chinese University of Hong Kong until July 1998‭. ‬He is the only artist in the history of Hong Kong who has been invited to conduct three solo exhibitions in the prestigious Hong‭ ‬Kong Museum of Arts‭.

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