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2017 He Luan
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The Zodiac Series is a practical application of arts and design. Drawing inspiration from the year of the Rooster, Project Twelve develops products with the animal sign of the year, bringing art into life and infusing design into traditions.


Red packets are not mere containers of a customary practice but are in themselves an important element in Chinese culture and festive traditions.

He Luan Butter Cookies

To celebrate the year of Rooster in 2017, Project Twelve® collaborated with Hong Kong Wing Wah Cake Shop to create “He Luan” Butter Cookies, which cleverly captured the essences of “He Luan”.

He Luan Moon Cake Gift Set

Project Twelve® and Hong Kong Wing Wah Cake Shop collaborated to create the unique “He Luan” Moon Cake Gift Set that blends Chinese traditional art into daily life with the rooster sculpture – “He Luan” created by Mok Yat-san and Man Fung-yi, renowned contemporary calligraphist Tong Yang Tze’s “Rooster”, and various seal artists’ creations. Project Twelve® hopes this chic designed Mooncake Gift Set will bring you and your beloved family a wonderful mid-autumn festival.

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