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2008 MicLAU
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Michael Lau

Throughout my creative processes, I always start out from the element of fun. The same applies to the current project; I went in the direction where I find merriment. I was inspired by the carving talents of the seal masters for the ‘Project Twelve’ Seal Collection and it urged me to make MicLAU into a petite and lovable creature which is easy to play with, like a seal. I’d like to make the project a balance between artistic endeavours and commercial viability. The giant MicLAU now placed on 1/F of Innocentre in Hong Kong with the Chinese character ‘rat’ engraved onto its buttocks is the witness of my creation which departed from the traditional art of seal carving.


Michael Lau is a local creator. His creations include movable figures series ‘Gardener’ as well as different series of ‘Crazychildren’. One year after he graduated from First Institute of Art and Design in 1992, he held his own painting exhibition. Michael’s illustrations and drawings have won numerous awards and compliment from various art organizations both locally and overseas. His ‘Gardener’ exhibition was held in many cities such as Paris, London, Taipei, Hong Kong and Tokyo. The ‘Mr. Shoe shop (sample)’ exhibition has been held in Hong Kong, Japan, London and Beijing.

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